Be the first OG landing on Polygon

In the next few weeks, we are launching a migration tool that will provide a seamless process of sending your NFTs to Polygon.
Join us in becoming one of the OGs on Polygon.

Migration Timeline

Aug Week 1

Check out the process

Please withdraw your NFTs on the other Terra marketplaces in advance

Aug Week 2

Preview your eligible NFTs

Preview your eligible NFTs
We will support you to withdraw or claim your NFTs on OnePlanet

Aug Week 3

Start your migration

Connect your Polygon wallet
Migrate your NFTs

Sep Week 3

Last chance to get incentives

Please complete your migration by the week in order to get incentives

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Polygon?

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    Polygon is the leading Ethereum scaling platform used by some of the world’s largest companies including Meta, Stripe & Reddit. Having recently announced the world’s first Zero-Knowledge (ZK) scaling solution fully compatible with Ethereum, Polygon has been relentlessly innovating and driving greater adoption of Web3 technology by onboarding millions of users.

  • Why are you migrating to Polygon?

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    The decision comes with extensive research and input from our stakeholders. After many days of meetings and conversations with dozens of foundations and representatives from other blockchains, Polygon became the clear partner as a new home for OnePlanet and the Terra NFT projects that are migrating with us. Taking into consideration the key factors such as Mass Adoption / Market Opportunities / Stability, and Foundation-level Support, we found that Polygon is currently the most prominent chain with so many big projects and entities onboarding. Read all of the details on why we chose Polygon here.

  • Do I have to migrate my NFTs?

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    Migrating your NFTs is completely optional and we leave it up to the discretion of our community members. Moving to Polygon was the best path forward for us to continue to build our platform but this is not financial advice, and we encourage you to do your own research before migrating your NFTs.

  • Do I have to migrate my NFTs by a certain date?

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    At this time, we have no intention of setting a deadline to migrate your NFTs. If this changes, we will provide an update on our social media with ample time for you to migrate your NFTs.

  • All the NFTs can be migrated at once, or should I have to do it several times separately?

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    You can migrate all the eligible NFTs at once. We don’t want to waste your time.

  • Which collections can be migrated to Polygon via OnePlanet?

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    You can find the migrating projects with OnePlanet on the page below